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Company History

Based on brilliant record and knowledge of its expert team who have been active continuously and effectively in well-developed state-owned and private laboratories in various industries such as: oil, gas and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and chemical industries, and various medical, hospital and university departments, etc, Rasta Farayand Sepanta Commercial Engineering Company has engaged in identifying the needs of the country’s scientific and industrial centers. And by presenting its new lab benching system with BayerMan brand, offers highly desirable services to the reputable buyers. These services include

Consultation, design, manufacturing and implementation of laboratory benching, laboratory taps, fixed laboratory equipment such as a chemical fume hood, laminar-flow cabinet, chemical safety storage cabinet, safety storage cabinet of flammables, acid and alkali storage cabinet, cylinder cabinet, balance table , Canopy hood, extraction arm, weighing hood and etc.

These services help distinguished lab specialists to achieve their high goals

With the first contact of our dear friends, the commercial team of Rasta Farayand Sepanta Commercial Engineering Company (BeyerMan) provides a meeting for presenting the initial description of the company and its products, with precious customers, and offers necessary consultations and after the initial approvals of the dear customers, the process of design, manufacturing, and implementation of the laboratory benching and related devices (such as the chemical fume hood, microbiological hood, storage cabinet, etc.) will be begin in the shortest possible time and with a very good quality to the respectable buyers