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Laboratory Storage cabinet

A laboratory storage cabinet is produced by BayerMan in various sizes. The body used in making the storage cabinets is thick, with an appropriate oil-colored sheet. Laboratory storage cabinets can be used in laboratory centers, schools, universities, etc. for the maintenance of objects and materials

One of the most necessary means, which its existence is undeniable in every laboratory, is a place to store materials and objects that is called laboratory storage cabinet. The ability to maintain different materials and ease of placement and displacement of materials are important features of the laboratory storage cabinets

Specifications of the BayerMan Laboratory Storage Cabinet

Depending on the needs of the customer, the number of shelves in each storage cabinet and the spacing between these shelves for the placement of different materials is customizable. Therefore, you can easily place your required items in the storage cabinet.

These storage cabinets can be offered in MDF or stainless steel and their doors can be in stainless steel, MDF or a combination of glass and MDF

Types of laboratory Storage Cabinets

Laboratory storage cabinets of BayerMan include

Flammables Safety Storage Cabinet

Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinet

Gas Cylinder Safety Storage Cabinet

Each of these storage cabinets is used to store different materials

Laboratory storage cabinets can be designed and manufactured using a metal or MDF body according to the laboratory application. If you do not want to release various materials and objects in the laboratory environment, you can use the BayerMan various laboratory cabinets.

Safety locks and automatic handles are among other important features in the production of BayerMan laboratory cabinet

Safety Storage Cabinet for Flammable Materials

Safety Storage Cabinet for Flammable Materials

Cylinder Safety Storage Cabinet

Cylinder Safety Storage Cabinet