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Novalab Laboratory Valves, German made

Rasta Farayand Sepanta is the exclusive agent of Novalab GmbH in Iran. Novalab GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory valves. The company was founded in Berlin in 2007 in Germany

Several Types of Laboratory Valves

Laboratory valves are divided into the following categories

Laboratory Water Valves

Laboratory Gas Valves

Laboratory Industrial Valves

Emergency Shower and Eye Wash

Also, these laboratory valves are divided into the following categories according to the type of fluid passing through and their type of application in the laboratory

Water valves

Valves for distilled water (with ions)

Valves for natural gas

Compressed air valves

Vacuum valves

Technical gases valves

Beauty and elegance in the production, along with the use of suitable material and high strength, have made the Novalab Laboratory Valves able to meet the needs of customers in all respects

Laboratory valves are divided according to the location used for the categories



Under shelf

Fume hood valves

In terms of output, these valves are classified into

One way valve

Two way valve

Mixed valve

Additional options such as pressure reduces, pressure gauges and non-return valves are available

The installation of BayerMan valves can be done at earliest time possible and the material used to manufacture these valves make these structures resistant against a variety of chemicals and acids. The beautiful appearance and high variety in these valves can also provide an elegant, modern look to the lab. The quality in the production and different colors of the body of these laboratory valves made them one of the best-selling products of BayerMan Company. If you need advice and guidance about the technical specifications of the types of valves, just please contact BayerMan sales department.

Water Valves

Water Valves

Multi-media Valves

Multi-media Valves

Gas Valves

Gas Valves