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In BayerMan Laboratory System, various types of worktops are used according to the various requirements of the laboratories. For example, the materials used in the dry laboratories are very different to the materials in wet labs

The worktops used in this benching system are

Keraplan Ceramic, made in Italy

Eagle Ceramic

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)



European Ceramic Worktop

Keraplan Ceramic (Made in Italy) is a 25mm thick ceramic that does not require any sublayer

This type of ceramic is resistant to impact and chemicals

As the exclusive agent of Keraplan Company in Iran, BayerMan Company uses this worktop in the laboratory benching projects

Ceramic Worktop

Eagle Ceramic is one of the high graded brands to be used in the laboratory industry in Iran. The thickness of this ceramic is about 12 mm and the PVC or MDF sublayer is used to enhance its strength

HPL (High Pressured Laminate) Worktop

HPL plates are one of the best options for use in laboratories as worktops and are highly resistant to a variety of chemicals. BayerMan uses Austrian Fundermax and Dutch Trespa brands, in its laboratory furniture

Composite Worktop

The Spanish Krion composite is another worktop used by BayerMan Commercial Engineering Company in its projects, especially for microbial laboratories that require seamless sheet plates

Quartz Worktop

Quartz engineered stone is used in laboratory projects as a material for the laboratory table top and has acceptable resistance to chemicals

HPL Worktop Panel

HPL Worktop Panel

Keraplan Ceramics

Keraplan Ceramics

EAGLE Ceramic Tile

EAGLE Ceramic Tile

KRION Composite Sheet

KRION Composite Sheet